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What are Riparian Corridors?

Riparian corridors (buffers) are areas of trees, shrubs, and grasses located next to rivers, streams, lakes, or other natural bodies of water.  These buffers provide many benefits to our water including:

·         Preserving water quality by plants filtering sediment from runoff before it enters rivers, streams, ponds and recreational areas

·         Protecting stream banks from erosion

·         Providing natural storage for flooding and reducing the potential for flood damage during large storm events

·         Providing food and habitat for fish and wildlife

·         Preserving open space and aesthetic surroundings



                    Before (no buffer)                                                                          After (with buffer)

While many buffers protect stream health and water quality, they also benefit urbanized areas by reducing the amount of storm runoff pollution entering the streams.

Construction and development have changed the natural environment.  Roads, driveways, houses, businesses, and recreational areas like parks and ball fields have increased the amount of hard surfaces, reducing the ability of rainfall to soak into the ground.  This increases the amount of runoff that flows directly into the bodies of water.  Buffers are natural filters for removing pollutants before they reach rivers, lakes, and streams.  The wider the buffer, the more pollution is removed from storm water.

What Can You Do?


·         Don’t mow to the edge of the stream bank

·         Plant shrubs with strong root and native vegetation

·         Don’t change the course of the stream

·         Keep septic system in good working order

·         Don’t dump anything into the stream

·         Clean up litter and yard waste (grass, leaves and pet waste)

·         Fertilize sparingly and organically

Native Vegetation

Red Osier Dogwood
Grey Stem Dogwood
Silky Dogwood
Green Twig/Round-leaved Dogwood
Sandbar Willow
Dwarf Willow
Purple Osier Willow

Sponsored by the Stark County Public involvement/Public Education (P.I.P.E.) Committee
 on behalf of:

Jackson Township

Perry Township

Plain Township

Board of Stark County Commissioners

Stark County Regional Planning Commission

Stark County Health Department

Stark Soil & Water Conservation District

Village of East Canton


For more information on riparian corridors, rain harvesting, the P.I.P.E. Committee, or the Storm Water Education Program, contact Malia Watkins at Stark County Regional Planning Commission at 330-451-7405 or [email protected] or www.rpc.co.stark.oh.us

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