A Zoning Permit is required for the new construction or alteration of buildings and structures, including but not limited to, a dwelling, garage, shed, deck, balcony, gazebo, pergola, arbor, outdoor fireplace, porch, fence, and swimming pool.  If you have any questions whether a permit is required, please contact the Zoning Department at (330) 832-8023.  

Permits may be obtained at the Jackson Township Hall, 5735 Wales Avenue, Jackson Township, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

A completed zoning application and the items listed as follows must be submitted prior to the issuance of a zoning certificate.   Additional information may be requested as needed.


New Construction Need:


  • Site Plan showing location of building on property, setbacks, height, driveway, dimension of property 
  • Construction Plans 
  • House Numbering Slip 
  • Sewer Guarantee or Septic Permit from Health Dept.
Additional Information Which May Be Needed:
  • Legal description of property (when necessary) 
  • Culvert permit from highway - if curb and gutter is not available
Additions, Accessory Buildings, etc. Need:
  • Site Plan showing location of existing building, setbacks, height, bldg. & property dimensions
Additional Information for Accessory Buildings is available at the Jackson Township Hall.
Two Family or Multi-Family New Construction is required to be review by Stark County Regional Planning Commission . Contact RPC by calling  (330) 451-7389


New Construction Needs:
  • 2 Site Plans showing location of building(s), setbacks, height, parking, dimension of property and bldg, landscape strip or bufferyards, driveways, etc. 
  • Documentation of required number of parking space verses number of actual spaces, square footage of interior area utilized for public, if applicable and number of proposed employees and seating, if applicable.
  • 2 sets of Construction plans 
  • Sewer Guarantee or EPA approval 
  • House Numbering Slip 
  • Fire Department approval
All Commercial construction may also require:
  • Approval of Stark County Regional Planning 
  • Legal Description 
  • ODOT permit
Additions or Alterations* Need:
  • 2 sets of Construction Plans and site plans for additions and residential/commercial conversions
  •  Documentation of required number of parking spaces verse actual number of spaces, square footage of area utilized for public, if applicable, and number of employees and seating, if applicable.
  • 2 site plans 
  • Fire Department approval
May require review or approval of above.

*Conversion of a residentially-built building to a permitted commercial use will require additional fire or building department inspections and reviews and possible review by Stark County Regional Planning for driveway and parking lot modifications.
 Applications must be complete and site plans must show setbacks from other structures and property lines.  If additional information is required, we will contact the applicant.

Zoning Permits which have been issued are always inspected for compliance with the approved permit and site plan.

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