Board of Zoning Appeals Members:

                                                  Leon Vitale
                                                  Charles Rohr
                                                  Edward McDonnell
                                                  Patrick Snyder
                                                  Jared Singer
                                                  Deborah Busby-Alternate
                                                  Steven Gosney-Alternate

The Board of Zoning Appeals consists of five members who are appointed to a 5-year term and two alternates who are appointed for a 1-year term by the Jackson Township Trustees. At that point, responsibility to the Trustees end. Any adverse decision of this Board can be appealed to the Stark County Common Pleas Court.

The Board is a quasi-judicial body established by stature and its function is to hear:

  1. Requests for variances from the terms of the Zoning Resolution.
  2. A request for a conditional use certificate.
  3. An appeal from the decision of the Zoning Inspector.

The Board does not establish zoning; that is the function of the Zoning Commission.


All testimony is given under oath.  Speakers must identify themselves by giving their name and address.

The Board may accept un-sworn written correspondence from other government officials who, in their current official capacity, have information pertinent to the appeal being considered.  The board may weigh their inability to question the author and the author’s inability to hear oral testimony presented during the hearing.

The Board may accept sworn affidavits from individuals unable to attend the hearing and having pertinent data to present.  The board may weigh their inability to question the author and the author’s inability to hear oral testimony presented during the hearing.

For variances and conditional use permits the applicant will speak first; all in favor of the request will then speak; all in opposition will be given the opportunity to speak.  When many wish to speak regarding the same position, it is suggested a spokesman be appointed to express the group’s viewpoint in an effort to avoid repetition.

For cases involving matters such as, but not limited to, appeals of a notice of violation, citation, or stop order issued by the Zoning Inspector, the order of presentation will be; presentation by the Zoning Inspector; presentation by the applicant; comments by public in favor of action; comments by public opposed to the action; final comments by Zoning Inspector; final comments by applicant (if applicable).

Interested parties are invited to view documents discussed at the Board’s table.

Hearings start at 5:30 p.m. and will close by 10:00 p.m. Any case in the process of review will be rescheduled to the next available meeting date.  In this event, additional notice will not be given.


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