Jackson Township
Available Commercial Properties
7584 Wales Ave. NW
This property, known as Keck Park, is located at 7584 Wales Ave. NW and consists of 30.64 acres.  Contact Michael Vaccaro, Jackson Township Administrator/Law Director at 330-832-7416. 
5646 Wales (Foxboro Square)
This property consists of 5.84 acres at 5646 Wales Ave. in Foxboro Square.  Contact Steve Eisenberg at 216-831-6773.
Fulton Dr. near Fisher Foods
There is a 3.10 acre lot available on Fulton Dr. near Fisher Foods.  Contact Jon Scheetz 330-497-6446. 
Dressler Rd. NW & Montgomery St. NW
This property sits on the corner of Dressler Rd. & Montgomery St.  It is 9.52 acres.  Contact Joe Lorenz at DeHoff Realtors 330-268-9040. 
Higbee Ave. & Munson St.
There are 6.32 acres available at the corner of Higbee Ave. NW and Munson St. NW.  Contact Sean Sanford at CBRE at 330-284-0331. 
Portage St., east of Wales Ave. (SR 241)
There are 23.75 acres available on Portage St., just east of Wales Ave.  (SR 241).  
Portage St., west of Wales Ave. (SR 241)
This property consisting of 7.88 acres is near the southwest corner of Portage St. and Wales Ave. (SR 241). Contact Bill Day at 330-284-4465. 
Whipple Ave. north of West Maple Street
You can find this 6.84 acre property on Whipple Ave. NW, just north of West Maple St.  Contact Weslee Heiser at 330-323-1676. 
Portage St. & Whipple Ave.
This property is situated near the northeast corner of Portage St. & Whipple Ave.  There are 6.37 acres available.  Contact Joe Lorenz at DeHoff Realtors at 330-268-9040. 
Pittsburg Ave. - Rohrer Farm
There are 27.91 acres available on Pittsburg Ave. south of Mt. Pleasant, also known as the Rohrer Farm.  Contact Mike Gruber at 330-497-2886. 
5185 Strausser St.
This property consists of 5 acres at 5185 Strausser St. NW.  Contact Ben Heggy at 814-521-9494. 
Frank Ave. south of Portage Street
There are 8.25 acres available on Frank Ave. just south of Portage St.  Contact John January at Hoff & Leigh, 330-903-5867. 
Strip Extension-Applegrove & Frank
The Strip Extension is situated along the southeast corner of Applegrove St. and Frank Ave.  There are 59.59 acres available.  Contact Dressler Properties at 330-492-8077.  
Shuffel St. & Frank Ave.
This property is located on the southeast corner of Shuffel St. & Frank Ave.  It consists of 22.31 acres.  Contact Dan Spring of NAI Spring at 330-966-8800. 
Contact Randy Gonzalez, Fiscal Officer/Economic Development Director at 330-832-5886, 
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Jackson Township
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